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Switching jobs

August 16, 2016 at 8:33 AM - by Freek Lijten - 1 comment

After almost nine years I'm leaving Procurios to start a new challenge at the Netherlands' national airport Schiphol. I've really enjoyed my time at Procurios. It is a company where you're encouraged to challenge the status quo and has a lot of friendly people and skilled professionals. Over the years I started to feel itchy though.

I interned at Procurios, I started working there after graduation and so it is the only tech company I've ever seen from the inside. For years this was not a big problem and easily compensated by all the good stuff, but january this year I took a decision: Time to leave the comfort zone!

Since I wasn't going to leave this company for something very similar I compiled a small list of traits a new job would have to meet:

  1. Lots of people to learn from (Procurios ticked this box too btw :D )
  2. Practicing DDD
  3. Preferably believers and practicioners of TDD (I get testing, I just suck at TDD)
  4. Product oriented (Procurios does a lot of project work, I wanted to experience what building a single product feels like)
  5. Big company (Procurios has about 35 people, I was interested in working for a company that operates on different scale. Just to experience this as well.)
  6. Preferably community involved

I knew of some companies that would tick a lot of boxes, but one especially came to mind. I'd been hearing a lot of stories of people working for Schiphol. Good stories. So I sent an email, had two conversations and joined one of their teams for a day. Since this was mutually satisfying, starting 5 september I will be part of Schiphol group.

I feel sincerely sad leaving Procurios, it was the best of rides. I'm also pretty sure there are not many developers in the Netherlands that couldn't pick up some interesting stuff there. If you're looking, I recommend having a chat :)

Having said that, I'm also very curious what the future at Schiphol will bring and am already anticipating learning loads of new stuff.

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  1. Patrick van BergenPatrick van Bergen Wrote on August 17, 2016 at 9:13:02 AM

    Nou, veel plezier Freek! Ben wel benieuwd in wat voor omgeving je terecht komt. Ik hoop dat je blijft bloggen :)

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